The Best Umbrella Stroller: How To Make The Best Choice

The Best Umbrella Stroller: How To Make The Best Choice

When it comes to purchasing items for babies, the array of choice can be dizzying. With so much variety available, making the best choice for you and your child can seem an impossible task.

From car seats to carriers, high chairs to the hottest toys, everyone has an opinion on the ultimate pick. One area which can be particularly tricky is strollers. These seemingly simple devices for transporting your baby come in an enormous range of colours, sizes, shapes and types, with some specialising in travel, while others are pretty much your house on wheels.

Luckily for you, we have decided to make your life easier and do the hard work for you. Read on for our ultimate guide to the best strollers, and make an informed decision which is the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Which Do We Recommend?

To help make your choice easier, we have put together a guide containing the best rated umbrella strollers on the market, each of which are have their own pros and cons to help you pick the very best choice for your family.

To save you time and effort, we have scoured the top umbrella stroller reviews to find the best of the best, and presented them to you for easy access. Whether you are an avid traveller looking for a portable and lightweight solution, or need something which can handle multiple children, you are sure to find the best umbrella stroller for your needs.

Best Umbrella Stroller For Travellers

Winner: Zoe XLC Best V2 Everyday Umbrella Stroller 

Sitting in first place, having earned its title as the best lightweight umbrella stroller is this unique travel system.

This travel system from Zoe offers everything you could possibly need from an umbrella stroller.

It is super lightweight, making it a portable choice which is easy to manoeuvre and transport, even if your journey involves buses, trains or even planes.

As an added bonus, it can be easily steered and controlled with just one hand; a fact which is invaluable when trying to wrestle children!

The smaller size and ease of movement mean this is an ideal choice for a city break, or anywhere where you may have to navigate and share your space with more people. It is also very easy to fold, turning into a compact square from teh full size, and this means it can be easily stored and transported without any concerns.

It can cover a variety of terrains, from sand and grass to bumpy city streets, all while providing a safe and comfortable ride for your child. In addition, there are a range of features and accessories available which make this a versatile choice designed to fit in exactly with your lifestyle.


  • Super lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making this ideal for parents travelling alone or those with baggage or other children to manage
  • Can be steered with one hand - perfect for busy parents
  • Has the potential to attach extras and accessories - the flexibility gives you more choice and control
  • Folds down easily into a small square
  • Good suspension to ensure a comfortable ride and longevity
  • Flexible enough to be used in a huge range of environments, from beaches to city centres


  • Some users have reported issues with the cup attachments coming loose
  • May not be sturdy enough if you are heading somewhere very bumpy or with very uneven terrain
  • The buckles can be stiff and tricky to unlatch at first; this improves after a few uses of the stroller


Runner-Up:Peg Perego Pliko Mini Umbrella Stroller

In a very close second place comes our first choice in runner up. This option offers the same lightweight maneuverability as its predecessor, and is easily transported. 

It only weighs 11 pounds, meaning that this is an option which can be used by parents of any height, build and strength, and can be used for long periods of time without causing excessive strain or pain.

This flexibility and adaptability means this choice is without a doubt the best umbrella stroller for tall parents It can also offer another advantage; umbrella folding which can be achieved with just one hand, eliminating the need for parents to continually bend over the stroller; an action which can result in back pain.

This Pliko Mini is super tiny, and once folded, will fit easily into the back of your car, a trunk, airplane hold, or baggage facility on a train or bus. If you have a small home with no storage space, or are planning to travel a lot, this would be an ideal pick.

It is also designed for maximum comfort, with an adjustable leg rest and the option of three different reclining positions to best suit your child. The five point harness means your baby will be secure and safe, and the flexible wheels offer both swivel and locking actions; be prepared for any situation.


  • Lightweight finish - just 11 pounds - makes this suitable for any parent and any body type
  • Compact fold allows secure storage without taking up too much space
  • Easy to transport; designed for maximum portability
  • Choice of deep reclines ensure comfort; this item earns its place as best reclining umbrella stroller
  • Added peace of mind and security with a five point harness
  • Flexible wheels to suit your activity


  • Although it can be steered with one hand, this can put extra pressure on the joints and lead to wobbles
  • Fabric is comfortable but not the most durable option; it can feel a little thin and lacks any extra padding
  • Can be tricky to recline the seat while the baby is sitting inside
  • Must remember to lock the front wheels to access the self-standing feature when folding
  • Can be hard to unfold alone; another pair of hands makes the job easier


Best Double Umbrella Stroller

Zoe XL2 Best V2 Lightweight Double Umbrella Twin Stroller

For the very best in double stroller options, this choice from Zoe is the perfect pick. 

It offers the same benefits as the original version, but with double the fun making this a perfect choice for parents of twins and children close in age.

Double strollers can often be large, unwieldy and hard to manage.

The extra space, though essential for multiple children, can make everyday tasks such as checkout lines, airport security and other areas where space may be an issue that little bit harder.

Luckily, this option takes all of those problems into account, and offers a solution which is lightweight and easy to manage, as well as having extra freedom to move and manoeuvre around tight corners and tricky spaces.

It also has the option to add a variety of accessories, such as bags, shopping, and essential items to keep your child comfortable and entertained on a long trip.


  • Very lightweight, especially for a double stroller
  • Can move it with one hand, allowing you to keep the other free for other children or essential tasks, such as door opening and carrying bags or shopping
  • Offers all the benefits of the single system, adapted for twins and multiple children
  • Can be used in all weathers, terrains and conditions


  • Still has the cons of any double system, such as being more awkward to fit into small spaces
  • Does sometimes struggle with very bumpy or uneven ground; if you are living, working or regularly travelling in such an environment, then a more solid and robust choice may be ideal
  • Can be tough for older children; an all in one could be an easier and more manageable option if you are looking for the best umbrella stroller for toddlers or older children


Best Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are renowned for being lightweight and easy to manage, and so it was a tough challenge to narrow the best options down to just a single winner and runner up. With a lot of research and touch choices, however, we present the very best choices!

Winner: Costzon Lightweight Umbrella Baby Stroller 

If you are looking for a choice which can take your baby from their first year and on, this is a perfect choice.

It can be used with babies from the ages of 6-36 months, meaning that while this may not be the winner of the best cheap umbrella stroller, it is a worthwhile investment which can grow with your baby.

This is a super lightweight choice, able to be moved, transported and carried wherever it may be needed, but has the added bonus of being well constructed. 

The heavy duty steel frame allows for longevity, meaning this is the ideal option to support and transport your baby as they grow, change and develop.

Despite this strength, it is still easy to move and manoeuvre, with foot-operated linked parking brakes for extra safety.

As with all umbrella strollers, one of the perks of this piece is the ease with which it can be folded and stored, making it perfect for smaller homes or those who lack a lot of storage space.

Safety is key, with rear wheels which can be locked to keep your baby safe, or give extra support when moving. In addition, an adjustable canopy with included flip out sun visor helps to keep your baby shaded and comfortable, as well as protected from any adverse weather such as rain, or harmful ultraviolet rays.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport and move
  • Strong, steel frame helps to preserve longevity and keep your stroller in good condition for longer, allowing you to use it for years to come
  • Key safety features such as foot brake, lockable wheels and sun visor to help protect your baby


  • Front wheels are rigid and do not move; this can make it harder to change directly quickly
  • The seat and recline feature can be stiff and uncomfortable at first; it may take a while to wear in and help your child get used to it


Runner-Up: Evezo 2141A Full-Size Ultra Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

If you are looking for another option for the best lightweight stroller, this piece by Evezo is a great alternative.

It has some great advantages, such as a super lightweight design and finish, making this suitable for everyday use and making it an ideal choice for your baby.

It is easy to use and move, and eliminates the need for multiple strollers.

Whether you are a keen traveller, or just looking for an option which gets you out and about with ease, this is an option which ticks every box.

As well as being lightweight, this is also durable, reliable frame made from light but sturdy steel to ensure that your stroller lasts for as long as you need. The unique contoured design means that your baby is comfortable, supported and stable throughout use, and the great formula of lightness and strength mean that this is a winning combination for your family.

Safety is a feature, with a full size canopy to help protect against UV rays, and a 5-point harness for extra peace of mind. A front collision safety bar is the added extra you need for total peace of mind, and your baby will combine comfort and safety with the choices of recline, allowing you to adjust the finish as your child continues to grow.


  • Combine comfort and safety with a deep recline and additional features
  • Safety factors including a front collision bar for extra reassurance
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Steel frame ensures longevity and helps to extend the lifetime of the stroller


  • May not be suitable for frequent, regular use; a sturdier and stronger all in one choice may be better


What Are The Types Of Stroller?

The first decision when picking a stroller is to establish what type you will need. With some suited for small spaces, and others offering an all in one solution, there is something for every family and lifestyle.

Full Size

Woman Pulling Baby In Stroller

If you are looking for a single piece which can carry you from babyhood to the toddler years and beyond, a full size stroller is the perfect option. They come with handy additional features, and are large and sturdy to stand the tests life throws at them


  • Offers an all in one system for convenience
  • The seats are wide and well padded to support your child as they grow
  • Seats can recline or be laid flat as your child develops
  • The seat can be forward or rear facing
  • There is an option to attach extras such as a car seat or bassinet, depending on your babies age and needs
  • Extendable canopies to provide shade where needed
  • Strong, sturdy tires able to tackle a range of terrains, and specially designed to absorb shock for a more comfortable ride
  • Lots of extras, such as storage baskets, cup holders and snack trays


These tend to be bulky and heavy, and so can be a pain on public transport or if you climb a lot of stairs. They can also take up a lot of space, so may be unsuitable for smaller homes.

Jogging Stroller

Holding Jogging Stroller

For active parents who want to work out while transporting their baby, jogging strollers are a lifesaver. They are specially designed to be used while walking, jogging or hiking, while supporting your baby and giving them a comfortable trip.

These models are facilitated for exercise by using a superior suspension system, and often have adjustable front wheels. These can allow flexibility by swivelling, or lock into place, which helps to ensure stability even if you reach higher speeds.


  • Compatible with car seats, so can take you from newborn to toddler stage
  • Adjustable wheels for flexibility depending on your requirements
  • Better suspension keeps your child comfortable no matter the activity
  • Can be used with car seat
  • Safety features such as handbrake, five-point harness, telescoping handlebars and wrist strap


  • These models tend to be heavier and chunkier
  • Do not fold up as small as an umbrella stroller
  • You need to check that a so called jogging stroller actually has all of the necessary safety features and requirements to keep you and your child safe


Woman Pulling Twin Stroller

As the name suggests, a double stroller is ideal if your children are close in age, if you have twins, or your toddler simply get tired of walking everywhere and still wants to make the most of their stroller. A double stroller allows for a quiet life, rather than face endless battles, or the possibility of carrying one child for miles and miles.

The two main types are tandem and side-by-side seating. The former is where the children sit one behind the other, while the latter, as the name suggests, allows both children to sit beside each other.

The best double umbrella stroller is one which is suitable for the height and strength of the parent, and this is something best worked out by testing out a variety of options.


  • You only need one stroller for multiple children, making your life easier
  • It is easier to keep an eye on multiple children when out and about


  • These tend to be very big and bulky
  • A single stroller can weigh in at up to 40 pounds, making it a struggle to manage alone
  • You need to consider mobility and width - can you get it out of your front door?
  • Not all are compatible with two car seats; this is worth checking before you commit

Hybrid System

Hybrid Baby Stroller

Designed to make your life easier than its competitors, a hybrid system can cover all bases, making life as simple and convenient as possible. Some offer multipurpose travel systems, transforming from stroller to carry cot to car seat and back again in no time.

Others serve to offer the flexibility of an umbrella system with the practicality of a jogging stroller, eliminating the need for multiple items. They are the ultimate all-in-one, and the perfect choice if you do not have the budget or space for multiple products.


One single stroller can carry out a myriad of tasks, saving you space and money, and preventing the need for multiple strollers


May do everything less well than a stroller dedicated to a single purpose. For example, a hybrid may lack the proper safety features required for a jogging stroller, or else be less flexible than a true umbrella system


Pulling Umbrella Stroller

An umbrella stroller offers a more flexible option which is ideal for those on the go. They are portable, lightweight and still offer a range of features. The trick here is to identify the best umbrella stroller for travel, and this will depend on your preference.

The name is pretty self explanatory; these stroller are designed to be compact and portable, and when they fold up, they look like a neatly folded up umbrella.


  • Lightweight, portable and perfect to use on the go; they often weigh under 15 pounds,  so are ideal if you are often out and about
  • Many come with a shoulder strap for ultimate portability
  • Easy to fold, and can be stored in a car, train or airplane with ease
  • Often offer partial seat recline
  • May have additional features such as extendable canopy, storage basket, cup holder and snack tray


This won't take you from newborn to toddler years; most umbrella strollers are only suitable once your baby reaches six months old.


Picking a stroller is a tough choice, and there are a variety of factors which need to be considered. You need to take into account features such as the age of your child, your lifestyle and environment, the safety measures included, the choice of accessories, and many other aspects.

Our guide has given you the best of the best in the world of umbrella strollers, and can help you make a simple, stress-free decision which is the best choice for you, your baby and your family.

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